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Medical robots are robots used for remote-controlled, minimally-invasive procedures, medical testing and patient monitoring with unmatched precision and the ability to work without fatigue. The goal of these robots is to improve the health and lives of humans. Medical robots have completely revolutionized the speed and accuracy in the open and minimally invasive surgery as well as reduce the time of surgery to a great extent.

Medical robots are becoming more and more widely used due to the physical capabilities that these pieces of machinery offer us such as speed, increased strength, precision which can minimize the risk of surgery as well as accelerate the healing process by making less impact on the surgical site.

Using medical robots to carry out operations in the hospitals meant that the infection rate has dropped dramatically. This is because medical robots work faster than humans such that the wound site will be open to sir and potential infection for a much shorter amount of time. Also, involving a robot in surgery is much more hygienic as they can be sterilized in much the same way as the other tools and they also reduces human error.

Although the robotic technique in healthcare was first used in 1985, but it was only in 2000 that the da Vinci robot received FDA approval to perform surgical procedures such as cardiac surgery, urologic surgery, head and neck surgery.

Due to advancement in technology, now surgeons can perform a surgical procedure in emergency situation through telesurgery with the aid of an imaging device which means they can remotely operate the robots and perform the surgery.

Use of Medical Robots

Medical robots can be used for performing medical procedures at the hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgical centers in various specialties including the neurology, cardiology, laparoscopy, gynecology, orthopedics, and urology.

They can be used as receptionist at hospital that will ensure to eliminate the human error. They will provide clear and accurate information about when and where the patient should go, allow far fewer people getting lost on the way to appointments and seeing their loved ones. Medical robots can also be used for transporting patients from one location to another in a hospital.

With the increased R&D in the robotic healthcare field, the innovation and product development in the field of medical robotics is continuously increasing. Owing to the high initial installation cost of the medical robots and the maintenance of the system, their adoption rate is mainly restricted to North America followed by Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. However, the scenario is expected to improve in the near future with rampant economic growth and the rising investment in healthcare infrastructure development in India and China. 

Some major players in the market of medical robots are Stryker Corporation, Hansen Medical Inc, Intuitive Surgical Inc., Hocoma AG, Mazor Robotic Ltd., Accuray Incorporated, Kirby Lester LLC and Ekso Bionics Holidings Inc.

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