Custom Research

Custom Research

Search4Research allows customization in market reports tailored to your requirements or commission a separate study based on clients specific research needs. However, the time taken for this customization will be determined by our analysts based on anticipated complexity, time deadlines, and peculiarities of the customization requested.


Market Intelligence - Does market size and growth justify your investments?

  • Market Sizing / Forecasting
  • Market Feasibility Analysis
  • Opportunity Assessment


Competitor Intelligence - Do you know how your competitors are winning in the marketplace?

  • Competitor Profiles
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Competitor Monitoring


Channel Intelligence - Do you know what do distributors or sales partners think about your products/services?

  • Channel Perception
  • Sales Structure Benchmarking
  • Partner Selection


Technological Intelligence - Do you know which technology will compose or disrupt your market?

  • Explore Feasible Technology Options
  • Align with the Right Technology
  • Engage with the Future Technology Roadmap


Customer Intelligence - Do you know who your best customers are?

  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Needs Assessment
  • Voice of Customer/NPS


Go-To-Market Strategy - Do you know which market is best for your product/service?

  • Understand Your Customer
  • Devise the Right Distribution Strategy
  • Analyze Direct and Indirect Sales Channels