Artificial Blood Market By Key Manufacturers, By Product (HemoSpan, Hemopure, PolyHeme, HemoLink, HemoTech, Oxycyte, HemoAssist, VIDAPHOR, PHER-O2, DDFPe, Sanguinate), Type (Hemoglobin-based Oxygen Carriers (HBOCs), Perflurocarbon Emulsions (PFCEs)), Source (Human Blood, Animal Blood, Synthetic Blood) and By Region (North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific) - Global Outlook to 2026
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Global Artificial Blood market was valued at USD 2.95 Billion in 2018 and is projected is to exhibit 18.9% CAGR during the forecast period. The global artificial blood market is expected to value USD 11.79 Billion by 2026. Artificial blood, also called as synthetic blood substitute or also blood surrogate is a substance utilized as a replacement of biological blood. The product is aimed as an alternate to transfer of blood, blood transfusion, or blood-based products from an individual to the other. With the use of this artificial blood, it is now possible for surgeons and doctors to bypass the risk of immune suppression and disease transmission.
Artificial Blood Market Dynamics
The global Artificial Blood market is driven owing to the demand for the need of an alternate to shortage of blood supply and blood donors coupled with the rising demand for blood transfusion in cases of few diseases. However, lower shelf life and uncertainty of artificial blood along with stringent regulatory approval process restricts the market.
Artificial Blood Market Insight
Asia Pacific dominates the global Artificial Bloods market owing to rising need and demand for artificial blood products. North America and Europe also holds a prominent share of the global artificial blood market owing to rising incidences of health issues among its citizen particularly of older or younger age.
Artificial Blood Market Segmentation
The global Artificial Blood market is segmented into product, type, source, and region. On the basis of the product the market is further bifurcated into HemoSpan, Hemopure, PolyHeme, HemoLink, HemoTech, Oxycyte, HemoAssist, VIDAPHOR, PHER-O2, DDFPe, and Sanguinate. On the basis of type, the global artificial blood market is categorized into Hemoglobin-based Oxygen Carriers (HBOCs), and Perflurocarbon Emulsions (PFCEs). In addition, the global artificial blood market is classified on the basis of source into human blood, animal blood, and synthetic blood. Based on the geography the market is further segregated into North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
Artificial Blood Market Competitive Landscape
The major players associated with the global Artificial Blood market are Dextro-Sang Corporation, Sangart, Inc., BioPure Corporation, Northfield Laboratories, Dentritech, Inc., Baxter International, FluorO2 Therapeutics, Inc., Alpha Therapeutic Corporation, Nuvox Pharma Llc, and HemoBioTech, Inc., among others.

Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1. Research Objective
1.2. Scope of the Study
1.3. Definition
Chapter 2. Research Methodology
2.1. Research Approach
2.2. Data Sources
2.3. Assumptions & Limitations
Chapter 3. Executive Summary
Chapter 4. Market Outlook
4.1. Market Dynamics
4.1.1. Market Drivers
4.1.2. Market Restraints
4.1.3. Market Opportunities
4.2. Porter’s Analysis
4.3. Value Chain Analysis
Chapter 5. Artificial Blood Market, By Product
5.1. Artificial Blood Market, by Product, 2018-2026
5.1.1. HemoSpan
5.1.2. Hemopure
5.1.3. PolyHeme
5.1.4. HemoLink
5.1.5. HemoTech
5.1.6. Oxycyte
5.1.7. HemoAssist
5.1.9. PHER-O2
5.1.10. DDFPe
5.1.11. Sanguinate
Chapter 6. Artificial Blood Market, By Type
6.1. Artificial Blood Market, by Type, 2018-2026
6.1.1. Hemoglobin-based Oxygen Carriers (HBOCs)
6.1.2. Perflurocarbon Emulsions (PFCEs)
Chapter 7. Artificial Blood Market, By Source
7.1. Artificial Blood Market, by Source, 2018-2026
7.1.1. Animal Blood
7.1.2. Human Blood
7.1.3. Synthetic Blood
Chapter 8. Artificial Blood Market, By Region
8.1. Artificial Blood Market, by Region, 2018-2026
8.1.1. North America U.S Rest of North America
8.1.2. Europe U.K. Germany France Rest of the Europe
8.1.3. Middle East & Africa (MEA) GCC North Africa South Africa Rest of MEA
8.1.4. Latin America (LATAM) Brazil Rest of LATAM
8.1.5. Asia Pacific (APAC) India China Japan Rest of the APAC
Chapter 9. Competitive Landscape
9.1.1. Key Strategies Adopted by Players
9.1.2. Market Share/Positioning Analysis
Chapter 10. Company Profiles

10.1. Dextro-Sang Corporation
10.1.1. Company Overview
10.1.2. Product Offerings
10.1.3. Financial Performance
10.1.4. Recent Initiatives
10.2. BioPure Corporation
10.2.1. Company Overview
10.2.2. Product Offerings
10.2.3. Financial Performance
10.2.4. Recent Initiatives
10.3. Sangart Inc.
10.3.1. Company Overview
10.3.2. Product Offerings
10.3.3. Financial Performance
10.3.4. Recent Initiatives
10.4. Northfield Laboratories
10.4.1. Company Overview
10.4.2. Product Offerings
10.4.3. Financial Performance
10.4.4. Recent Initiatives
10.5. Baxter International
10.5.1. Company Overview
10.5.2. Product Offerings
10.5.3. Financial Performance
10.5.4. Recent Initiatives
10.6. Dentritech Inc.
10.6.1. Company Overview
10.6.2. Product Offerings
10.6.3. Financial Performance
10.6.4. Recent Initiatives
10.7. FluorO2 Therapeutics Inc.
10.7.1. Company Overview
10.7.2. Product Offerings
10.7.3. Financial Performance
10.7.4. Recent Initiatives
10.8. Nuvox Pharma LLC
10.8.1. Company Overview
10.8.2. Product Offerings
10.8.3. Financial Performance
10.8.4. Recent Initiatives
10.9. Alpha Therapeutic Corporation
10.9.1. Company Overview
10.9.2. Product Offerings
10.9.3. Financial Performance
10.9.4. Recent Initiatives
10.10. HemoBioTech Inc.
10.10.1. Company Overview
10.10.2. Product Offerings
10.10.3. Financial Performance
10.10.4. Recent Initiatives
Chapter 11. Appendix
11.1. About Us
11.2. Glossary of Terms
Dextro-Sang Corporation
Sangart Inc.
BioPure Corporation
Northfield Laboratories
Dentritech, Inc.
Baxter International
FluorO2 Therapeutics Inc.
Alpha Therapeutic Corporation
Nuvox Pharma LLC
HemoBioTech Inc.

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